Terms & conditions

Following are the terms of use set by Take Your Online Classes; anyone who opts for our professional services is bound by these terms of use. If you do not wish to comply with these terms then we suggest leaving the site immediately. By continuing on the website or using our services you hereby agree to our terms and conditions by default. Any attempts made to violate these terms and conditions will be counted as a legal offence and is hereby challengeable in the court of law.

Refund Policy

The company is not liable to pay any last-minute refund claims. We will not pay for any kind of unsatisfactory feedback if it does not fit our standards of understanding. The company reserves the right to accept or deny any claim made by any customer. We shall also not pay anything to incase a student fails their course due to their performance in class.

Copyright Policy

The company holds all the rights to copywriting and no tutors or clients are permitted to use the property or the properties of the company for their personal use whatsoever.

Revision Policy

We shall only be liable to cater to a revision if a writer does not follow the original instructions properly. Any changes in the first instructions will count as a new order and will not be covered in revisions. We shall not be liable to pay any amount or entertain such a claim in this case.

Cancellation Policy

All orders cancelled at least 24 hours before the delivery day can be refunded. Any claims made after this time slot will not be entertained and we shall not address any claims made by customers after this. Informing the company about the cancellation is the customer’s duty and refraining from it will rid the company of any dues.

Payment Duration

The cancellation amounts will be transferred immediately to the customer account. However, the company may delay some transactions if it deems fit. The customer does not hold the right to question Take Your Online Classes or related entities regarding the delay.

Right To Change Terms of Policy

The company reserves all rights to make changes to this agreement of terms. The company is at liberty to make any changes that it wishes and deems fit and is not liable to inform the client/customer about it.

Terms of Use

Take Your Online Course as the liberty to make changes to the terms of use and make necessary alterations to the terms of use whenever needed. Any person/ organization does not hold the right to question the company over it.

Terms Of Violation

Violating the terms and conditions will be severely dealt with and will count as a legal offence. Any act made against the company or its terms of use will and shall be handled with severe steps to be taken. All the decisions regarding the violation shall be governed by the owner of the business.