About Us

Getting Students, A Step Closer to Extraordinary Academic Performance!

Take Your Online Classes has a sole initiative to assist the distressed students with ultimate class help since its beginning. We have resourced the best, highly qualified team members believing in one major goal to help maximum students and make the US more flourishing. We ensure no classes, lectures, assignments or tests are left inattentive to serve as obstacles in student’s prospering A/B grades. Our team work tirelessly to share online classes burden equally so that it gives students the time to understand their lectures more comprehensively. Moreover, we have plenty of assets including virtual library, past papers records, Ph.D. qualified experienced experts and huge clientele to support our mission.

Our History

There is nothing exceptional in our history, our founder Mark Jacob was a student of aeronautical engineering. He was a brilliant student but since the trend of academic overburdening started back then, he failed to cope up. After all his tries, he took severe academic pressure and fall into depression. However, after a while when he coped up with all the stress, it lightened up upon him that hundreds of students suffers the same problem in US. Thus, then and their he founded “Take Your Online Classes” with a bunch of friends. It took 12 years to bring Take Your Online Classes at the top and beat all the rest with its impeccable service, competent and experienced team and guaranteed top-class results.

Our Vision

Take Your Online Classes shares major vision only, “to provide the unbeatable class help service and achieve the highest grades for students opening upbeat doorways to bright future”. As a team we ensure our clients gets the premium class help in most economical packages, on-time work submission and 24/7 customer facilitation to accommodate our huge client base at best. We apprehend the necessity of education in life and believe no student should fall in academic depression thus provide the best academic solution under one roof. To upkeep our vision, we not only provide class assistance but deal in course, homework and exam help too. We want all students to avail the best perks of highly qualified professional team expertise and booming grades in academia.

Our Goals

Take Your Online Classes has preset its own high standards of services and milestones. WE LOVE TO BREAK OUR OWN RECORDS! Thus we deal solely in timely service deliverance and premium quality class help. We ensure no client is left inattentive for more than 20 minutes so our robust customer facilitation team is always on their feet to answer multiple queries in a jiffy. We make sure to provide the best class help proficiently regardless of difficulties like strict monitoring, fussy professors, student ID portal surpass and so on. We understand how can a single lecture possess great importance on studies thus our major goal is to provide consistent high-quality service within economical price range.

Our Sureties

Take Your Online Classes has a staircase of sureties to follow in order to provide the best online class help service to its clientele. We assure to achieve the highest A/B grades for you by following out simple step by step process. We take your order through secure payment channels and keep you updated through our 24/7 customer support about every minuet to major progress. During the order we make sure our iron-cast protection system keeps the student ID 100% secure and confidential. Moreover, during our service period we make sure not a single lecture is missed so we keep a note of every detail and ensure to submit all the work submission plagiarism free. Last but not the least we make sure the services are carried out on time and incase of any mishap we are here to refund you the amount. So what are you waiting for? Reach out us NOW!